Flying Fox Foot Pags

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Foot Pags For Voltaic Kids Dirt Bikes Flying Fox 18''

 ANTI-FRICTION PAD - An anti-friction pad is added to the bottom of the Flying Fox footpegs, which can effectively protect the foot pegs from direct wear and tear when you do bending or extreme movements, making the riding more free.

ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL - It is made of T7 7075 aluminum alloy through CNC. It is one of the highest strength alloys, which will not rust and corrode, and is not easy to break and wear.

11 TEETH - There are 11 teeth on the pedals, which can greatly increase the friction, so that you will not slip off on the rainy and muddy roads, and you can ride with confidence in any situation. The teeth can also be replaced.

ANODIZED SURFACE - The bright colors and anodized surface can decorate your bike very well

Color: Blue