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Unmatched Value

Voltaic Electric Motorbikes for Youth Adventures is dedicated to providing high-quality electric motorbikes for kids and youth at affordable prices.
Our electric balance bikes offer the advantage of silent operation, allowing young riders to enjoy their adventures without disturbing neighbors.

US Company

Voltaic, headquartered in Murrieta, California, and has been established since 2015.We distribute nationwide through dealers and our online store, ensuring accessibility across the US.

Performance & Quality

Customer satisfaction is our priority, with comprehensive spare parts available year-round to keep bikes in top condition.
With Voltaic, you're not just getting a motorbike – you're investing in quality, affordability, and unforgettable outdoor experiences for kids and youth.

Customer Support

Our primary focus is on providing exceptional after-purchase support to ensure that our customers have the best experience with their ebikes. Our US-based support team comprises knowledgeable experts with extensive experience in the cycling industry, including top academy-trained mechanics and former bike shop owners.

We urge customers not only to shop for ebikes but also to consider the companies they are buying from. It's essential to contact the brand you intend to purchase from and ask questions to understand the level of service and support you can expect post-purchase. Some companies may have long wait times, unhelpful agents, or no response at all. At Voltaic, we have dedicated cycling experts ready to assist you, along with a comprehensive digital library of resources covering assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more, available at your convenience.


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